WRBL – Local Groundz Hits The Ground Running

August 22, 2021

A new venture inspired by the Atlanta Beltine has joined the list of locally owned businesses in LaGrange. Local Groundz, a family owned coffee shop, sits on The Thread, the multipurpose trail that connects the entire city and promotes health and wellness.

Philip Abbott, the Co-Owner of Local Groundz, said he and his family wanted to create a mix-use development that also offered visitors a welcoming common area.

“We really look for this place to be a landmark not only in the LaGrange community but to be so good that even people outside of LaGrange have heard of it, that’s really my goal for this location,” said Abbott.

The coffee shop is located in a house that was built in the early 1900’s. Abbott said his idea in the design was to maintain the essence of the original house while fitting into modern aesthetics. The local business also offers seating facing The Thread and office spaces available for rent on the top floor.

Abbott also said he wanted a bright space that encouraged high energy levels and allowed people to move both inside and outside with the sliding glass doors. He partnered with local vendors for many items featured in the coffee shop which he said was important to him to support local businesses.

“That gives a greater investment in the community, everybody has put their piece into this facility and one of the things we’ve seen, people that have come to the coffee shop so far have been across ages and groups. Its just been a great melting pot for the community to come and really enjoy the space,” said Abbott.

Abbott wants Local Groundz to be a key destination on The Thread. He said he would like people to be eager about walking their dogs or exercising knowing there is now a location they can visit. The food featured on the menu is all from local vendors and all the coffee is made in house.

The shop offers customers fresh gourmet baked goods from Heirloom Bakery. Heirloom is family owned and has two locations, one in Newnan, GA and another in Peachtree City, GA. We are so proud to partner with them and share the same sentiment of hospitality and community involvement.

“Certainly, nothing, no amount of training, life experience, or business school could have prepared us for the love and gratitude we feel for our community. We opened Heirloom Market Co. & Bakeshop two years ago with the prayer and intention to be God-honoring. We wanted to support local and small businesses. We wanted to be a gathering place for fellowship, friendship growth, and family bonding.”

Heirloom Bakeshop Owners, Justin & Laura Gibson

Local Groundz