Ribbon Cutting

August 26, 2021 | 11:00 AM

Many thanks to all of LaGrange for their patience in watching us work on what we hope will be a landmark location for the community for many years to come and hopefully inspire other similar endeavors that encourage a more walkable/livable community. Special thanks to the City of LaGrange and the Callaway foundation for their support in connecting to the thread and providing invaluable support to the project. It has taken us approximately a year and half but we are finally at the finish line to opening to the community that we share and love.

We have engaged with many here for ideas and also help in building this and so we are excited about what it will become as we open our doors. As you visit please keep in mind that opening is only a step on our journey and we hope to grow as the community grows with our purpose and services. We want to provide coffee, food and service but we also want to do much more. We want to provide a place to exchange ideas in the community and a place to relax and enjoy a beautiful southern sunrise and sunset. We want to encourage walking and biking in the community and a place to take a break along that journey. We want to become such a destination that people will want to visit even from outside the community and that those visitors will take some of our heart and spirit home with them. Our logo with the heart coffee beans shows our focus on putting heart in everything we do and bringing people together in the community. Thanks again for wishing us well and being excited with us as we open.

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